1. Establish a technological innovation mechanism and achieve a series of innovative results
1.Establish a scientific and technological innovation mechanism to continuously promote the improvement of technological innovation capabilities

First, the company cooperated extensively with external research units through the enterprise technology center to carry out forward-looking technology research on cutting-edge technologies and common technologies, focusing on 3-5 years of technology reserve research, establishing production and research technology research and transformation platforms, and obtaining abundant technology. The achievements have won many awards and supports from the national, provincial, municipal and district governments.

The second is to make full use of the technological development experience of benchmarking rivals in the industry, and continuously learn its advantages, so as to form the promotion and application of innovative achievements. Pay attention to, study and study the development of new technologies inside and outside the industry, find the fit of new technologies in the application of the company, and form technological innovation results in specific projects.

The third is to pay attention to industry trends by participating in industry conferences, regularly subscribing to industry newsletters, etc., to understand market development needs, and analyze from the following aspects to achieve "predict future technologies, determine core technologies and capabilities, outline technology life cycles, and describe enterprise customer needs" Technology development strategy. In recent years, the company has actively carried out research by predicting the following technical directions and achieved a series of achievements; ①predicting the development trend of technology (products) in key areas of the power equipment industry; ②predicting industry technology (products) blank spots; ③analyzing the existing industry Potential competitors; ④ analyze the strategic intentions of competitors; ⑤ predict the technical and legal possibilities of technology (product) occupation and market entry in the key areas of the company; ⑥ forecast technology development routes to avoid technical conflicts in key areas.

In addition, the company purchased the patent database developed by "Intelligent Bud Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and used the special database to establish a patent search system. It provided for patent search in research and development, technology introduction and cooperation, market development and competition. Give full play to the role of patent information in the process of R&D, product positioning, technology tracking, patent protection strategy formulation, technology introduction, and market expansion, and regularly write relevant patent situation analysis reports for corporate decision-making.

2.Combining innovation and introduction brings forward-looking results

◆Through the combination of innovation and introduction, the company has worked hard and made breakthroughs in forward-looking fields such as basic research, process technology and new material research, and intelligent power Internet of Things information technology research.;

◆Through continuous innovation, the company has achieved a series of innovative results. At the same time, the company has also won "high-tech enterprises", "province contract and trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu industrial enterprise quality credit AAA level enterprise", "national safety production standardization first-class enterprise", "Jiangsu science and technology giant enterprise" ", "Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Private Enterprise", "Suzhou Specialized and New Demonstration Enterprise", "Top Ten Brands in the National Transformer Industry" and other titles.

The company establishes an improvement and innovation system, makes full use of the performance measurement analysis and evaluation results at all levels, combines the requirements of customers and other relevant parties, and internal and external knowledge information, formulates improvement and innovation plans and targets at all levels, and implements measurement improvement and innovation activities. It also organizes reviews and reviews of improvements and innovations at all levels to provide impetus for the company to pursue excellence and achieve sustainable development.

Improvement and innovation activity management system diagram

2. Management of improvement and innovation
1.Plan improvements and innovations, clearly plan and goals

The company has established an innovative working mechanism and formulated the "Measures on the Implementation of Subsidies for Authorized Patents for Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd.", "On the Management of Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects and Rewards for Technological Innovators", "Innovation and Innovation System" and other management methods. An innovation work leading group mainly composed of a duty room and a management committee was established to be responsible for the organization, management, coordination and implementation of company-wide improvement and innovation work.

The company simultaneously promotes technological innovation and management innovation, covering the scope of improvement and innovation to the leadership, management, and executive operation layers, and at the same time sets up an innovation reward for improving innovation achievement rewards。

◆The company's leadership has formulated plans and targets for the company's strategic improvement and comprehensive improvement around supporting strategy achievement, enhancing external competitiveness, and improving management efficiency.
◆Each functional department develops special improvement plans and targets related to the strategy, centering on strategies, with the focus on improving resource use efficiency, internal process optimization, and upgrading process technology level.
◆Each workshop team develops improvement plans and targets that inspire job enthusiasm, reduce waste, and improve process capability for job innovation. The improvement plan and objectives are decomposed and implemented layer by layer by the functional department that made the plan and the workshop, and the responsibility is assigned to every employee.

2.Improvement and Innovation Program

3.Implementation and measurement, evaluation and promotion of improvement and innovation activities

◆Implementation: The company provides improvements and innovations in accordance with the "Measures on Subsidies for Authorized Patents for Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd.", "Measures on the Management of Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects and Rewards for Technological Innovators", and "Innovation and Innovation System". Resources, guarantee and encourage the smooth implementation of innovation activities。

◆Measurement of the achievement of project goals: Through performance evaluation, supervision and implementation, verification of rectification results, evaluation of results, KPI indicator statistical notification, etc., measure whether the improvement and innovation goals are achieved

◆Evaluation and improvement of innovation activities: After the completion of annual improvement and innovation, the company conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the improvement and innovation activities from the dimensions of organizational strategic objectives, profitability, ability enhancement, and improvement of innovation activity organizations, etc., promotes the continuous improvement of improvement activities, and improves the service strategy objectives of improvement activities Ability to achieve continuous improvement of organizational performance;

◆Share and promote improvement and innovation achievements and experience: The company actively promotes the sharing and promotion of improvement and innovation achievements through various forms such as morning meetings, regular meetings, pre-shift meetings, and special analysis meetings.

Regular meeting sharing

Share improvements and innovations

3. Application of improvement and innovative methods
Use multiple forms to implement improvement and innovation activities

The company continuously improves the related management system, adopting various forms such as self-evaluation of excellent performance, benchmarking, management and technological innovation, "big, medium, and small recaps", "criticism and self-criticism", which vary in months, quarters, and years. Cycle, through in-depth evaluation and benchmarking and other methods to carry out in-depth improvement and innovation activities, improve management level, and promote the company's sustainable and healthy development, including "large, medium and small review", "criticism and self-criticism", "benchmark learning "It is a company's unique performance improvement method.

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