220KV oil-immersed power voltage device

Product description:


1. Iron core:

The use of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the core shape is automatically designed by computer software, the small-level sheet is equipped with magnetic isolation channels to improve the electromagnetic performance of the core, and the lamination method uses 4-level joints to effectively reduce no-load loss and no-load current. Use pneumatic binding machine

Carry out polyester strapping to improve the tightness of strapping and reduce loss and noise.

2. The main longitudinal insulation of the coil: the impact distribution and compound field strength calculation of the wave process with a computer are used to make the main insulation more scientific and reasonable. All coils are wound on a special cardboard tube to increase the mechanical strength of the coil, the coil is integrally set, constant pressure drying, increase the compression force of the coil, improve the coil short circuit resistance.

3. The body adopts "six-way rigid positioning" to ensure that it can bear the impact of "3g" during transportation.

4. Lead assembly uses cold-press welding process

5. Fuel tank and accessories

6. The oil tank is bell-type, designed according to full vacuum strength, beautiful appearance, and no leakage is guaranteed.

7. The partial discharge of the transformer is less than 100PC.