110KV oil-immersed power voltage device

Product description:


1. The product adopts computer for electromagnetic optimization design. The no-load loss is 30% lower than the national standard GB/T 6451, and the load loss is 15% lower than the national standard GB/T 6451.

2. Use professional software to analyze and calculate the impact voltage distribution of the winding and the composite electric field strength at the end of the winding, so as to reasonably design the insulation structure and ensure that the product has sufficient electrical insulation margin.

3. Calculate and check the mechanical strength of the coil and related parts to ensure that the product has a very high resistance to three-phase sudden short circuit.

4. Reasonably design the cooling oil channel to reduce the hot spot temperature of the winding and the average temperature rise of the winding to ensure the service life of the product.

5. Implement strict and systematic process regulations to ensure the realization of low partial discharge.

6. In terms of noise control, various measures have been taken from calculation to structure to effectively reduce the noise of the transformer, making the transformer fully suitable for use in urban areas.