Wubian box-type substation supports the construction of Shanghai "Vulcan Mountain" hospital


     During the Spring Festival, people have not had time to reunite with their families, and a sudden outbreak of new pneumonia outbreak from Wuhan, which has affected the whole country. Wuhan has urgently built two hospitals, "Vulcan Mountain" and "Raytheon Mountain", to alleviate the lack of medical resources for the surge of patients.

As the epidemic became more and more serious, various localities were planning ahead to strengthen control and prepare medical resources in advance, including the construction of temporary hospitals.

         On January 29, we got the news that the Shanghai Public Health Center will expand the standard ward in Jinshan District for the first time. Our company responded for the first time, and under the leadership of the emergency response team under the command of General Manager Shen, on January 30, we actively cooperated with the State Power Offshore Power Company's power construction work on the expansion project of the Shanghai Public Health Center Jinshan Hospital. Exchanged technical drawings with Haijinshan Power Supply Company, Shanghai South Power (Group) Co., Ltd., Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute, and coordinated meetings. The company organized personnel to work overtime within 48 hours. The first batch of two YBM-630 The /10 box-type substation arrived on time at the temporary hospital site of the Shanghai Public Health Center on February 1st to complete the task of power consumption.

        After the first batch of box-type substations was delivered to the site for power consumption, the company immediately organized personnel to work overtime to produce the second batch of temporary standard ward electrical equipment. Four YBM-630/10 box-type substations arrived at the site on February 13 and were The power was formally sent on February 15th, which contributed to Wu Bian's strength in the construction of the Shanghai Public Health Center's expanded hospital.

        The current epidemic situation is still serious, but the people of the whole country are united, the epidemic situation has improved, and this war will eventually win the final victory. When the spring blooms, life will be more exciting!



To support Wuhan to resume production, Wu Bian presses the start button

Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: the company) was founded in 1970. In 2004, it was restructured from the state-owned enterprise Wujiang Power Water Conservancy and Power Equipment Factory to Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd., and was relocated to Wujiang Industrial Zone in 2013, covering an area of 217,000 square meters. With a construction area of 158,000 square meters, it is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in the integration of development, production, processing, sales, technical consulting and technical service of transformers and complete electrical equipment. For more than 40 years, the company has made great progress, the economic benefits have made a qualitative leap, and the comprehensive ability of technological innovation has been rapidly improved. The company has: the ability to produce more than 300 varieties of 10kV ~ 1000kV, 50 ~ 1000000kVA, and the annual output of 200,000 MVA transformers; the industrialization of complete sets of electrical appliances and switching equipment; the reactors and special transformers have been successively invested in R&D, manufacturing and industrialization; Electrical installation design, service and engineering general contract; realize the integration and integration of power scheme consultation, power scheme design, power installation, and power preventive test scheme. The company's products are currently widely used in thermal power, hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, UHV, rail transit, aerospace, petrochemical, communications, high-rise buildings and other fields. It is one of the top three enterprises in the comprehensive strength of the national transformer industry, and the most domestic transformer variety. One of the main suppliers. The company has won the national enterprise technology center, safety production standardization first-class enterprise, technological innovation demonstration enterprise, intelligent industry demonstration enterprise, Jiangsu science and technology small giant enterprise, high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu quality credit AAA enterprise, Jiangsu famous brand, Jiangsu Provincial famous brand products, Suzhou Mayor Quality Award and many other honors. In 2013, the company's product ODFS-334000/500 single-phase self-coupling non-excited transformer created the record of the first domestic 500kV voltage level maximum capacity transformer to pass the sudden short circuit test; in 2017 ODFS-400000kVA/500kV transformer created the world's 500kV level maximum capacity The transformer has passed the short-circuit test record; in 2017, it provided the Southern Grid SSZ11-40000/110kV product and passed the high-to-medium, medium-to-low resistance sudden short-circuit test. The achievements made the company become a "dark horse" in the transformer industry. In the past two years, the company has continued to work hard and accumulate energy. Through the introduction of high-tech talents and continuous R&D and innovation, it has overcome technical difficulties, especially the successful research and development of 1100kV reactors and 1000kV and 1 million kVA transformers. Followers become the industry leader.


PK competition for shell installation skills held in the dry transformer workshop

On March 21st, the dry change workshop held a shell installation skills PK competition, this competition is based on the first PK on the 14th, the second competition held for two consecutive weeks. In this competition, Mr. Shen personally led the production, technology, quality inspection and other departments to the scene, and gave guidance on the process flow and specific component design of the dry transformer casing installation. Mr. Shen pointed out that this competition was conducted on the basis of doubling the workload last week, which is equivalent to the speed of long-distance running is faster than that of sprinting, which is commendable. As long as we use our brains, we can improve the breakthrough and surpass the benchmark. This competition has also set an example for other departments to carry out PK competitions. Next, we must further improve the management level, improve the level of technology and technology, promote innovation, enable employees to grow faster, create more value, and strive for the full realization of the leader in the transmission and transformation industry. In this dry-transformation shell installation competition, there are 2 people in each group, and 10 shells are installed, which has doubled the workload compared with last week. The competition is more fully planned, the requirements are more clear and more challenging, the relevant departments go to the field to be cheerleaders, to inspire them, quality inspection, technology and production management are tracked throughout the process. This is an opportunity for us to learn and improve. It is also a good opportunity for technological improvement, quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement. It is also a rare opportunity for management progress, innovation, and talent growth. Next, we will go through the review, further planning, and further improvement, put forward clear requirements for quality, and train the process. The result of this skill PK competition starts from 7:00 in the morning, the first group ends at 1:30 in the morning, takes 16.5 hours, the second group ends at 2:20, it takes 17.33 hours, and the average time is 16.92 hours. The overall efficiency is 30% higher than usual and 18% higher than the previous PK. We have to summarize, improve the process flow, avoid some unnecessary processes, so that the efficiency can be further improved, to achieve our goal of increasing production and efficiency. The workshop and production department will choose to commend and reward the winning team in this competition.


Wubian products help Jiangxi to fight against the epidemic

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, a sudden new epidemic of pneumonia swept across Chu Jing. Under the leadership and command of the party and the country, various localities have formulated measures to strictly prevent and control, and the whole country resolutely fights against the spread of new coronary pneumonia. While the medical elites across the country are traveling to Hubei, in order to focus on the treatment of locally diagnosed patients, they are working hard Construction of hospitals for patients. After the outbreak, the Xianghu Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University in Jiangxi Province assumed the task of a designated hospital for the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia in Nanchang. The Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government put the construction of Xianghu Branch at the top of the list . Our company responded as soon as possible and was responsible for the supply of 12 dry transformers in the first phase of the project and 14 dry transformers in the second phase of the project, which had been delivered to the project site with quality and quantity as scheduled before the Spring Festival. After receiving the other party's notice, our company immediately arranged sales and after-sales personnel to rush to the site to overcome the difficulties during the Spring Festival. From the end of January to the end of March 6, the last product successfully completed the power transmission, which was the new crown for Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province. The pneumonia work made Wu Bian due contribution. We always believe that customer needs are our needs, customer pursuit is our pursuit, and customer satisfaction is our satisfaction! No amount of difficulty can stop our confidence and determination to become the leader of the power transmission and transformation industry!