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Today's quality, tomorrow's market; 1% defect is 100% loss.
Quality is life, product is character。

Quality assurance

Quality and Safety

The company actively adopts international and domestic advanced standards, establishes a strict quality assurance system internally, is equipped with world-class advanced production and testing equipment, and implements 100% factory inspection to ensure that its product quality and safety meet the requirements.

Safety certificate

The company actively implements product safety certification or network access, and products have passed production licenses, compulsory product certification (CCC), and safety certification (MA) certification. In order to reduce the risk of using the product in public, the product is certified by flame retardant and fire-resistant marks to eliminate public safety concerns.

Environmental assurance

Through the operation of the ISO14001 environmental system, the company identified 17 environmental factors such as water, electricity, coal, and plastic particles involved in the company's various production and operation activities, and identified water pollution, atmospheric pollution, and energy waste as the main public worries. In this regard, the company actively promotes energy conservation and consumption reduction and cleaner production activities, sets various indicators such as energy consumption, and maintains an annual energy consumption rate of 10,000 yuan in output value of about 10%. The company adopts various measures to protect the environment and save resources in the design, production and service processes.

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